Rules and Regulations 

The following documents outline the rules WECSL is governed by and/or relevant to league play. 


WECSL In-House Rules

1)      All weekday games will be scheduled either Monday or Wednesday evenings and will start at 6:30pm. Saturday (and the occasional Sunday) games will be scheduled for 10:00am, 12:00pm, 2:00pm and 4:00pm in an 8 team league to accommodate rainouts and cancellations. A 15-minute grace period may be awarded by the umpire upon the request by a team representative. The umpire will declare the final inning after 1 hour and 45 minutes.

2)      WECSL plays under the rules of Softball Canada, subject to modifications to those rules outlined here.

3)      All league members whether participating in a game or watching have agreed to abide by the rules of the Vancouver Parks Board (These are available below or in document form above.)

4)      Liquor is prohibited on or near the playing field. The Parks Board strictly enforces this rule and any violation may result in the loss of field privileges. The league executive will review any violation of this type and suspensions or expulsion may be enforced.

5)     To reschedule a game, a team must inform the other team involved and the Head Umpire at least five days prior to the scheduled game. All representatives must approve the rescheduled date. Rainouts will be rescheduled by the Head Umpire within at least five days’ notice, unless otherwise agreed to by the two teams.

6)      WECSL officially operates in the 6 male 4 female on field participants format. The team must have a minimum 4 females defensively. (Unless playing with 9, then minimum 3 females) A team may use a batting order of up to 16 rostered players, however nowhere in the batting order will there be 3 male players in a row.   This enables as many players as possible to bat throughout the game, and aligns with rule #12 ‘equal playing time based on attendance’. For defensive purposes the team may still substitute any player into any defensive position without impacting the batting order.  If a player is injured and cannot continue, the ‘no 3 male players in a row’ must be maintained. This may be solved in different ways:

6a) The injured player may be removed from the batting order without penalty

6b) Other players may be removed from the batting order

6c) The injured player remains in the order as an automatic out.


Examples 13 batting order 8 men, 5 women; M,M,W1,M,M,W2,M,W3,M,W4,M,M,W5

·         W3 injured, remove from order, no penalty as no more than 2 men batting in a row is maintained (Rule 6a)

·         W2 injured would result in 3 men batting in a row, remove one male from the game (Rule 6b)

·         W1 or W5 injured would result in 4 men batting in a row, remove two men from the game (Rule 6b), or maintain the injured player as an automatic out (rule 6c)

7)      You cannot change the batting order. If the wrong person enters the batter’s box, the correct person in the lineup shall be declared out, and the next legal batter will be up next.

8)      Pinch runners are allowed. The batter must safely obtain 1st base (or 2nd base if obtained due to ball going out of play) but no further before the pinch runner enters the field of play. The pinch runner will be the last recorded out, regardless of gender. If it is the first inning of the game, the last person in the line-up shall become the pinch runner.

9)      All players must be granted equal playing time based on attendance. Any abuse of this principle should be reported to a member of the league executive.

10)   After three games of unexplained absence, a team has the right to drop that player from their roster.

11)   A team cannot score more than six runs per inning, unless 5 innings are completed and ‘last inning’ has been declared by the umpire.

12)   Female players are permitted (but not required) to use a smaller size 11” ball, but must choose and inform the umpire prior to entering their ‘at bat’.

13)   The pitcher must deliver the ball with a perceptible arc at least 6 feet off the ground and no higher than 12 feet off the ground. If, at the discretion of the umpire this rule is violated, the umpire to call ‘illegal pitch’ immediately.

14)    The pitcher must have one foot within the vicinity (30 cm) of the pitcher’s rubber which has been placed 45 feet from home plate. If, at the discretion of the umpire this rule is violated, the umpire to call ‘illegal pitch’ immediately. This will be done verbally or by hand signal.

15)   If the umpire has called an ‘illegal pitch’, the batter has the option to swing. If the batter does not swing, the pitch will be called a ball. If the batter does swing it will be counted as a legally pitched ball.

16)   If a legally pitched ball hits home plate, it is called a strike.

17)   If a batter has two strikes on them and then proceeds to hit two foul balls, that better will be called out (two and a half strike rule)

18)   Intentional walk. In the case of a blatant intentional walk where the umpire observes that there is not attempt to pitch a hittable ball of any kind, the plate umpire shall call the play dead and award the batter second base. The batter who is up next has the option of batting or accepting a walk to first base. The batter must declare their intention to walk or bat prior to entering the batter’s box.

19)   There is a commitment line located approximately 20 feet from the top left hand corner of the home plate intersecting the third base line. Any player breaking the plane of this line must continue to the home plate line and is not permitted to return to third base.

20)   There is a home plate line drawn from the top left corner of the home plate towards the fence on the third base side. The runner must have one foot on the ground touching or past the line prior to the catcher having possession of the ball and touching home plate. A runner must not tag home plate while running home to score. If they do they will be called out. The catcher cannot tag the runner, if they do the runner will be called safe.

21)   150 foot rule: An arc extending from the left field foul line to the right field foul line will be drawn at a distance of approximately 150 feet from home plate. The three designated outfielders (LF, CF, RF) are not permitted to cross this line prior to the ball being hit. If there is an infraction to this rule, the umpire will declare ‘Dead Ball’ and the batter and all baserunners will be awarded two bases. This rule does not apply to the designated rover.

22)   Any fly ball hitting overhanging branches on the first base side of the field will be immediately deemed a foul ball.

23)   Overthrows that go beyond the out of play lines will result in the umpire calling ‘dead ball’ and awarding each base runner the base they have achieved plus one base. A ball that is deflected or forced free by runner contact is not considered an overthrow.

24)   The infield fly rule is not in effect.

25)   Anyone verbally abusing the umpire will receive a clear warning. If the same player has a subsequent verbal abuse of the umpire that player will be ejected from the game, at the discretion of the umpire. Players are reminded that opinions should be voiced through the team captain only.

26)   Any player making physical contact with another player to the detriment of the other player will be ejected from the game at the discretion of the umpire.

27)   Any ball that initially lands foul will be declared foul even if it then rolls fair before reaching first or third base.

28)   Any ball that is declared fair that proceeds out of bounds will be deemed a ground rule double.

29)   An overthrown ball will result in one extra base for each player and the batter. Another way to view this is one plus one.

30)   You cannot throw a woman out at first if you are an outfielder.

31)   If a batted ball is hit directly at the pitcher and places them at risk of injury, (i.e. line drive) the batter shall be called out under the poor sportsmanlike rule. This is at the discretion of the umpire.

Bat Rules

Under BC Softball Rules (which defers to Softball Canada for equipment standards), all bats must bear either the ASA approved 2000 certification mark or the ASA 2004 certification mark as shown below, and must not be listed on an ASA non approved list, or must be included on a list of approved bat models published by the ASA National Office. Bats must be 33 to 34 inches in length, have a round barrel diameter of 2 ¼ inches, and must be between 26oz and 38oz in weight. Both slow pitch bats and fast pitch "bottle bats" are permitted.

For WECSL play, what this means is: only bats with the ASA certification marks can be used, unless they have since had that certification revoked, and are shown on the bad bats list on the ASA website.

General League Rules

The home team is responsible for setting up the field.

Each team will select a captain and a coach who will ensure equitable playing time for all players based on attendance, liaise with the league executive for escalated issues, ensure a team is fielded for every game, give the score sheets to the equipment manager, Beck Hallett, contacting team members about rain outs, and rescheduled games.

If a game is cancelled due to weather conditions, we will try and provide at least one–hour notice prior to the game. The Head Umpire will notify the team captains who will in turn advise their team members. If you are uncertain of the status of your game, contact your team or check the website/Facebook where we will provide timely rain out messages.

Drafting members from another team during regular season is allowed, but not in the playoffs. A team must field all of its regular players prior to being allowed to draft anybody from the sidelines. Should a team be unable to field a team within 30 minutes of the start of the game, they must first ask the opposing team if they have extra players who are willing to substitute. If extra players are not available, the opposing team may choose eligible players from the sidelines. The opposing coach may at any time defer to the team that is short to find their own substitute player.

Playoff games will begin on time and continue until there is a winner. If you cannot field a team, the game is forfeit. There will be no on field warmups allowed

In the final rounds of the playoffs, the loser final goes last. The champion final goes before the loser round.

Remember that Stanley Park is a public facility and is governed by city laws and by-laws. Please act accordingly.

Terms and Conditions for use of City of Vancouver Parks Board Fields, Diamonds and Sports Courts 

* To comply and to cause those using the facilities under this permit to comply with all of the terms and conditions of this permit;

* To inspect the premises and facilities covered by the permit prior to any use by the permit holder to ensure that the facilities are suitable for the permit holder's intended use;

* That all Park Board premises and facilities are accepted "as is" and are used entirely at the permit holder's own risk. 

* The Vancouver Park Board is publicly funded and the use of parks and facilities must reflect this fact. Users must comply with all applicable City by-laws and Federal and Provincial legislation, including the British Columbia Human Rights Code which prohibits discriminatory conduct including conduct that would expose persons or groups to hatred

* The City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Park Board reserve the right to cancel an activity for any reason and shall not be responsible for any associated costs or damages.


* Ensuring the assigned area is appropriate for the activity.

* Ensuring the activity is conducted in a safe and orderly manner.

* Ensuring the activity is restricted to the assigned area.

* Ensuring that event activities do not interfere with other park users.

* Ensuring the Play Fields, Parks and Change Rooms are left clean and litter free.


* Steel/metal cleats or spikes

* Smoking, spitting, food (including sunflower seeds), gum, or drinks-other than water.

* BBQs, pets, golfing, bicycles, rollerblades, motorized or mechanical devices.

* Erecting structures, fences, poles, tents, stages, bleachers, portable toilets, chairs,

* The use of fire works, or the installation of electricity.


* Property damage occurring during permitted time, set-up or take down.


* Consulting with the Vancouver Police Department and the City Engineering Department if traffic control is required

* Using paper or plastic cups for beverages, glass containers are not permitted.

* Ensuring light boxes are turned off when not in use.

* Change Rooms are kept locked when vacant.

* Ensuring ONLY NON TOXIC SPORTS FIELD WHITING is used to line/mark Park Board grass/gravel fields and diamonds. ARTIFICIAL TURF FIELDS CANNOT BE LINED BY ANY MEANS.

* Barbeques may be used provided they are thirty (30) inches from the ground, but not above or on asphalt, concrete, playing fields, diamonds or picnic tables. Coals are to be taken off site or placed in hot coal disposal pits.

* It is strongly recommended that slo-pitch teams use Core 44 Softballs on diamonds with outfields under 300 feet and Core 40 Softballs on diamonds with outfields under 275 feet.

* To report Park Property damage call 3-1-1 or 604-873-7000.


* Any element exists which could jeopardize the safety of participants.

* A Field Closure is in effect

* During and after periods of heavy rainfall or when the field is already water saturated.

* Standing water is present (anywhere on the field) or muddy patches are present.

* The playing surface is frozen (Frost or Snow)

* Field remediation costs for playing under the above conditions will be assessed and billed to the licensee.

See Field Status Information at: or call 604-473-6206.


* Vehicles are not to be parked or driven onto grassed areas or restricted, emergency access and service roads at any time.

* Non-permitted vehicles may be towed.

* Service of food is subject to the by-law requirements of the City Health Department.

* The sale of goods, the collection of an admission fee, or the operation of a concession is prohibited.

* The operation of a public address system or amplified music is not permitted.

* No alcoholic beverages are to be dispensed, sold or consumed on the park at any time in accordance with sections 42 & 43 of the Liquor Control and Licensing Act.

* Posting of signage, banners or advertisements is not permitted.

* The erection of structures (fences, poles, tents, stages, bleachers etc), portable toilets, chairs, the use of fire works, or the installation of electricity is prohibited unless specified in the permit language.

If you have any questions regarding your permit or you wish to report any abuse or vandalism please call: 3-1-1 or 604-873-7000.



Should you have any questions, please contact your team captain or send us a message through the "Contact Us" page